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Even with diet and exercise, some areas of the body are hard to tighten and tone. To achieve a more slim, contoured shape, visit Joseph T. Morandi, DO, at Premier Aesthetics. With a welcoming office in Bernardsville, New Jersey, the practice offers SculpSure™, a body contouring technology to help you achieve your perfect look. Call today to book a consultation or click to schedule online.

SculpSure Q & A

What is SculpSure?

SculpSure is a form of laser body contouring. It uses targeted heat to damage the structural integrity of fat cells. Over time, the body then processes and eliminates these fat cells, which are gone forever.

The treatment is ideal for people who have “trouble spots” of fat that are resistant to diet or exercise, like the stomach, under the arms, or the thighs. It’s also helpful for submental fat, which is fat that collects underneath the chin.

Sculpsure may be right for you if you want to tone and tighten certain areas without an invasive procedure like liposuction.

How does a SculpSure treatment work?

Before your appointment, you meet with your provider to discuss your treatment goals and to have a skin assessment.

At your SculpSure session, you simply lie on a comfortable table while your provider runs a small, handheld laser over the areas of your body that need treatment. They can treat multiple areas in one session.

You might feel a gentle warmth or tingling sensation as the laser penetrates your skin, but you typically won’t experience any pain. There is no downtime after a SculpSure treatment, so you can resume your normal activities right away.

Every person is different, but most people benefit from a series of treatments to see best results.

What results can I expect from SculpSure treatments?

As the laser destroys your fat cells, it triggers a process of fat elimination that may last about three months or longer. You’ll typically see results around six weeks after your first treatment, with full results around 12 weeks.

How can I maintain my results after SculpSure?

Since SculpSure treatment targets and destroys fat cells, these cells do not regenerate. As long as you maintain your current weight and do not gain new fat cells by overeating or not exercising, your results are permanent. You can enhance your appearance with regular exercise that helps to tone and tighten problem areas.

Your provider can also recommend certain supplements that may help to process and eliminate the damaged fat cells.

The Premier Aesthetics providers are skilled at creating beautiful results with SculpSure treatments, so you can feel comfortable and confident in your skin. Call today to book an appointment or click to schedule online.

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