Why Aesthetics

Hello Everyone!


    I have been practicing medicine for 25 years and boy have I changed my position

on aesthetic procedures. Back in the begining I couldnt understand why anyone

would subject themselves to pain, discomfort and potential harm just to

look better.  Oh how naive I was, I didnt truly understand the benefits and 

I didnt have any positive experiences to rely on.


  Fast forward a quarter century and having done many procedures and 

interviwed and examined many patients who have had aesthetic procedures

I have come full circle on this topic. The only regret that I have ever heard is,

"I wish I had done this sooner"


  First let me just say this, most aesthetic procedures are non invasive or minimally

invasive, this is not surgery. These patients do fantastic, just pick someone you know

and trust who is using the latest most up to date equipment and you will do great.


  What I did not know then that I do know now is how connected our mind body relationship is.

If you look better you feel better and actually become healthier. I have seen depression, anxiety

and low self esteem melt away. When you fix the body, you fix the mind and subsequently

improve your health and quality of life. People begin to eat better and exercise more, there 

relationships with ther loved ones, co workers and friends improve. There productivity 

increases, sex and stamina improves, bad habits diminish and quality of life improves greatly.


 You see todays standards judge us, right or wrong by how we look and if we dont feel good

about ourselves it affects us physically in a very real way.  Thats the mind body connection that

has been proven to be so real. When we feel better about ourselves mentally our health improves,

meds go away, confidence increases and good things start to happen. Maybe you will try 

something new that you wouldnt have before, maybe you will take some risk and experience 

something new. Who knows but its all good stuff. There is little if any downside.


  I have seen this in my own life, I had bariatric surgery and lost 50 lbs, I feel great.

My relationship with my wife is better, my self esteem is better, Im happier at home and

at work. By the way im off 4 meds and starting to exercise.


  Take a look, maybe its time to dip your toe in and consider an aesthetic procedure,

loose weight, diet and exercise or all of the above, its up to you.


   Please feel free to call or email me with any comments, questions or concerns.

Im here to help. Looking and feeling better really works in improving quality of life.


Dr Joe 


Dr Joseph Morandi Owner/Provider

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