Stay Healthy This Winter With Help From NutraMetrix®️ Vitamins

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Winter brings many wonderful things: the holidays, the company of loved ones, ice skating, and warm soups. But with winter also comes cold and flu season. Germs spread quickly, and getting sick can mean missing out on the activities you love.

But just because the weather turns cold doesn’t mean getting sick is inevitable. Don’t let the threat of winter illness put a damper on your spirits. Having a healthy immune system and feeling your best go a long way in protecting you against common winter germs. Learn about how the Premier Aesthetics team can help you boost wellness with customized nutraMetrix®️ vitamins.

Why people get sick in winter

Cold weather alone isn’t what makes you sick. Instead, it’s the germs that flourish in cooler temperatures. While some viruses do better in warm climates, others, like those that cause the common cold and influenza, thrive in the cold.

Cool, dry weather can help these viruses spread more easily, and the lower temperatures may allow them to live longer in the air, increasing your chances of coming in contact with them. Also, as temperatures drop, we spend more time indoors. Central heating systems circulate air throughout your home or office, spreading germs from a sneeze or cough far and wide.

Flu and cold viruses replicate and spread faster in the winter than at any other time of year, so doing everything you can to stay healthy is essential. Keeping yourself healthy also helps keep your community healthier.

Stay well with a customized nutraMetrix plan

Busy, stressful lifestyles, poor dietary choices, and winter sicknesses take a toll on your health. Premier Aesthetics is proud to offer nutraMetrix wellness plans, helping you stay stronger and healthier throughout the winter season and into spring.

When you start your nutraMetrix supplement program, we work with you to address your unique health concerns and needs. Dr. Joseph Morandi develops a customized wellness program and vitamin plan to help you achieve optimal wellness.

The nutraMetrix vitamins are all-natural and deliver the nutrients your body needs to function at its best in any season. These supplements use science-based evidence and revolutionary technology to make sure you get the vitamins and minerals that can help your body stay healthy and fight the infection that’s prevalent in wintertime.

With nutraMetrix vitamins, you have many options. Men and women need different dietary supports, as do people of different ages. Supplements that are tailored to your needs can improve your quality of life and ensure you are properly nourished — nutraMetrix is not a one-size-fits-all approach.

With each of our patients, we review your current health needs and talk to you about your goals. We then customize your plan to give you the nutrients you need to live your best life.


Don’t let winter weather get you down. To learn more about getting a custom nutraMetrix vitamin plan to boost your health and help you stay healthy this winter, make an appointment with Dr. Morandi at Premier Aesthetics. Call our office, or schedule your consultation online with our convenient booking tool.

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