Myths and Facts About Botox®️

Botox®️ is among the most commonly used treatments in medical aesthetics. It smoothes out wrinkles and other physical imperfections associated with aging, and it can be a great way to keep your face looking young and fresh.

Despite its popularity, many misconceptions about Botox still exist. Joseph T. Morandi, DO, of Premier Aesthetics in Bernardsville, New Jersey, safely uses Botox to help you look your best. Read on to get the facts about Botox.

Myth: Botox is dangerous

Fact: This myth likely stems from the fact that Botox is derived from botulinum toxin, which can cause paralysis and even death. But there’s a significant difference between the amount it takes to cause harm and the amount used in medical and aesthetic treatments.

The amount of botulinum toxin used in Botox Cosmetic is very small, and it’s used in very targeted areas of the body. The concentration is not large enough to cause harm, and Botox used cosmetically does not affect your nervous system, which is where it can become dangerous.

Myth: Once I get Botox, I’ll never need it again

Fact: Botox is very effective in reducing facial wrinkles, often making you look years younger. However, the results aren’t permanent. You can usually expect the results to last 3-6 months.

When the results of your Botox injections wear off, you can simply get another treatment. It’s not possible to become addicted to Botox, and many people get regular maintenance doses. Regular Botox treatments can keep your face looking smoother and younger. 

Myth: Botox injections are painful

Fact: Many people are scared of needles, so it’s understandable that you might be nervous about getting Botox injections. But Botox is administered with very fine needles rather than large, thick-gauged ones. Most people find that Botox injections aren’t painful, saying it just feels like a minor pinch.

Myth: You can only get Botox if you have deep wrinkles

Fact: While Botox is effective on deep lines, it can be even more effective if you have it done preventively. In the earlier stages of aging, smile lines or frown lines only appear while you’re moving your face. This is a great time to start using Botox.

As wrinkles progress, they tend to deepen and are visible even when you’re not moving your face. By temporarily freezing the muscles that cause fine lines, you may be able to delay or prevent getting permanent deep wrinkles.

Myth: Botox gives your face an unnatural, “frozen” look

Fact: You may know someone who looks as though they’ve had work done on their face. But Botox administered properly doesn’t give you a frozen expression or cause you to smile unnaturally. Botox injections just enhance your beauty when performed by an experienced professional like Dr. Morandi.

Myth: Anyone can administer Botox injections

Fact: Botox can only be administered by someone under a physician’s direct supervision, so skip the Botox party. Although the procedure is safe, it does carry some potential risks, especially when done improperly by someone who’s poorly trained.

Choose to have your Botox injections performed by a medical doctor. Dr. Morandi has years of experience and training so your procedure is performed safely and you love your results. Call our office at 908-206-7203, or make an appointment online today.

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